Water Wet Wipe Dispensing System - WIPEPOD

Standard packet baby wipes clump meaning you often pull two to four wipes rather than just one. Over the course of a year this will contribute to thousands of wasted wipes going into landfills from your centre. The Wipepod Baby Wipe Dispenser is designed to pull  "one wipe at a time", reducing wastage and giving teachers an easier way to change nappies.

Our Water Wipe Dispensing System can reduce your centres wipe usage by 30% or more*. When combined with our BIODEGRADABEL Water Wipes, this is the most complete environmental system for Childcare Centres.

  • Prevents cross contamination between wipes - Only touch the wipe you need

  • Holds large refills of 450 wipes - less changing of packets

  • Reduce wipes usage - Pulls 1 baby wipe at a time

  • Wall mounted, de-cluttering your change area

  • Streamlines nappy changing for teachers

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Reduce the Amount of Wipes You go Through

Childcare centres put thousands of wipes per month into landfills. Our 'one wipe at a time' system will help your centre reduce wipes usage and your landfill footprint

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Prevent Cross Contamination Between Wipes

No more fishing around in loose packets for wipes. Only touch the wipe you are pulling preventing contamination and the spread of germs

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Streamline Nappy Changing for Teachers

Easily pull wipes with one hand while you are changing the child. You control the flow of wipes

Declutter Your Change Area

Get your wipes off the bench and declutter your changing area. Keep wipes out of the way yet always within reach

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Alcohol and Scent Free Water Wipes

Alcohol & Scent Free
Perfect for Soft and Sensitive Skin
Super soft, thick wipe
Biodegradable BAMBOO
Comes in rolls of 450 wipes
Remains Moist to the Last Wipe

Designed to meet high usage demand with limited space options, the Wipepod® Dispenser holds 1 roll of our 450 Water Wipes. Our wipes are super moist, thick enough to deal with a full nappy and perfect for soft and sensitive skin.

With our dispenser, your wipes are kept out of the way yet always within reach. Your teachers will simply love the ease of use. Water Wipes come in rolls specifically designed to work with our dispenser. Dispensers are provided for free so you only pay for the wipes you use.

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Our Range of Water Wipes



A game changer in the Childcare and Aged/Healthcare Industry as this wipe combines with our Wipepod WALL MOUNTED or TABLE TOP Dispensers. It releases 1 wipe at a time, meaning you can reduce the number of wipes you use from standard packet wipes. No clumping, no cross contamination, no frustration when pulling out wipes. Super soft and strong, this wipe is all you need for your Facility.








45 GSM

Carton Size

4 rolls x 450 wipes

Fits Dispensers:

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Aged Care

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Change Facilities


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"The wipepod wipes really make nappy changing easier and more efficient...


With the pod we are able to choose as many, or as few wipes as we need, so there is a lot less waste and hassle.  All the teachers agree the wipe pod is far superior to the standard packet wipes!"

Susan Swolfs, Parnell Early Childhood Centre


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