A big THANK YOU to all of our Customers who have given us both written and video testimonials. We believe it is a true representation of the Wipes, Dispensers and our Company.


We are grateful for all the help and advice that has been given by our customers along the way as we continue to improve our products.

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As a customer and a consumer of yours I wanted you to know how successful your product is in store. In fact I alerted the Butcher -  ‘Antibacterial Wipes’  and Checkout  - ‘Trolley Wipes’ they needed to refill their units as I walked in store yesterday morning.  Success!!


‘Trolley Wipes’ are in the atrium at the front of the store next to the Trolleys – self explanatory and we have 2 units due to the fact we have an extremely long Butchery Chiller – so we have placed units at either end ‘Antibacterial Wipes’.


We have not had to ‘advertise’ what these are for – they speak for themselves. They have a built in bin. They are easy to use. The wipes are easy to install. The bins are easy to empty, and they are ‘antibacterial!’ Ticking all the boxes.


The results speak for themselves – customers use them, staff use them. Customers are more conscious today and made aware that ‘bacteria’ is everywhere – it is not all bad however it is not all good. These provide that little bit  ‘extra’ for our customers to let them know we are aware and here’s something to assist you, from us. Healthy customers don’t share illness with staff. Healthy customers are generally happy customers. Healthy happy staff and customers make a better work environment. It’s a win.






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“ One of our Sustainable Actions is to be the leader in the Fitness Business when it comes to our gyms, offices and staff. We are constantly re-thinking about the impact we have on the environment.


We collaborated with Offshoot for the 2 years for the implementation of Bamboo Gym Wet Wipes in order to reduce the amount of paper towels, spray bottles, chemicals and physical equipment needed to maintain a healthy and clean facility. As the Bamboo Wipes are made from 100% natural resources, it means we can provide an effective cleaning solution for our clients, whilst ensuring the wipes are biodegradable and safe to use for members.


Wesley and his team at Offshoot have delivered on everything they said they could offer and we are looking forward to continuing to work alongside them to see what other environmental benefits they could potentially provide. “


Les Mills New Zealand

Our facility can see up to 500 people a day, including lots of small children.


Having the Offshoot Wet Wipes dispenser available means our visitors can prevent the spread of germs, particularly coming up to winter.

Delyse Diack  


I’d like to take this opportunity to praise Offshoot for the incredible product they have released into the New Zealand market.  It’s common place for parents with young children to always be caught short of wet wipes when out and about.

Having the wipes available in such a convenient dispenser and located so closely to children’s play areas would have made things a lot easier when my children were younger.  The certified ingredients make them easy on your skin and as they contain no harmful chemicals they are safe for faces/hands and people with delicate skin.

I highly recommend Wes and his team; they’ve been super easy to deal with, communicative and deal with any request quickly and efficiently.

I wish Offshoot all the very best success for the future.

With thanks


Karla Roberts



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Using Offshoot’s new Antibacterial Wet Wipes has enabled us to provide a quality hygiene product that complements our great fitness equipment and 24,000 sqft facility.


Our super fussy members are finding that the wet wipes smell and dampness make them feel that we are providing them with a high-quality product, especially our ladies. Members especially like the fact that it clearly states, “kills 99.9% of bacteria”

The unit dispenser really stands out, are simple to use and look amazing on the gym floor. We have used many products in the past and to date this has proven to be the most affordable and best value option we have tried. We even highlight our club hygiene units in our club tours.

We have found that Offshoot as a company make things simple, are very easy to deal with and our orders are always on time. We highly recommend this company and product.

Steve Purcell


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“Here at CLM The Bays, we decided to switch our paper towels to a stand alone wet wipe system through Offshoot LTD.


These wipes have been hugely popular with our staff and members as they provide a quick and easy cleaning solution and with the product being completely biodegradable, they are great for the environment too!


We cant recommend Wesley and Offshoot enough, excellent products, value and service!”


Mike Bishop


The first time I met Wes I genuinely thought he was just another salesman who will try force a sale. It was quite refreshing that he was the Owner and Operator of his business (exactly like myself). He explained everything simply and showed me all the options there and then.


Deliveries and communication have been the easiest part. All I do is send a text every Monday for what I need, and the delivery arrives the next day.


Wes has literally been one phone call away. Anything that is needed, I have peace of mind that he will be able to deliver promptly.


Highly recommend Offshoot as they are professional, easy to deal with, and most of all you can trust!

Alvin Raju


As a large manufacturing company of food containers, we place a huge amount of focus on hygiene and insuring our premises are clean and spotless. We are very proud of the high standards we have reached and we have done so with the help of our friends at Offshoot.


One of their products that has contributed to the high level of cleanliness throughout our factory is the Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipe Dispenser. Since November 2016, we have had 6 around the factory and they are just simply great. We use them to clean everything from hands to the surfaces of our machines and desks. It’s also very handy having the waste bin in the dispenser.

Thanks Wes for sharing this product with us.