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We believe a little can go a long way

Giving back is important to us and we are excited to have the opportunity to help and support others. Offshoot Donate is an initiative we started to provide support to various charities that are doing great things for people in the community.


Our initiative started in April 2018 with Offshoot donating 50 cents from every carton of wet wipes sold to charitable organisations. For this initiative, we are focusing on charities that help and support young children and families, something that is particularly important to us.

Charities and Organisations we Support for MONTHLY DONATIONS

Foster Hope

April 2021

Foster Hope is the brain child of two Auckland ladies who are both huge supporters of helping others. They came up with an idea to help care givers with practical support, when a child turns up on your door step late at night with little more than a rubbish bag of belongings. Kits2kids as it was initially known, was born and backpacks were supplied to care givers in the Auckland area.


Foster Hope has grown from its early days in 2010 and now has branches of volunteers throughout New Zealand eager to support their regions care givers. We rely on the incredible support of our community through monetary, physical donations and grants.

Offshoot Donates to Foster Hope

Victory Boxing Nelson

April 2018

The driving force behind Victory Boxing is Paul Hampton, our Programme Director.  Paul set up Victory Boxing in 2011, whilst he was also Deputy Principal at Victory Primary School.  From humble beginnings with only 20 kids, Victory Boxing currently caters to over 200 children in its after-school programmes, as well as offering daytime programmes to college and community groups, and very popular and well-attended adult fitness classes. 


Paul now works full-time for Victory Boxing and ensures all our programmes deliver on our core mission which is to make a positive impact on people's lives.

Offshoot Donates to Victory Boxing

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

April 2021

For most grandparents, raising grandchildren is a result of an unexpected and traumatic event that requires a significant readjustment to their lives and those of their grandchildren. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ is a unique organisation that has a deep understanding of both the benefits of grandchildren being raised by their grandparents and the challenges it can present.

We provide support services to grandparents and whanau caregivers who are raising their grandchildren and whanau/kin on a full-time basis

Offshoot Donates to Grandparents Raising Granchildren

Little Sprouts - closed down

April 2018 - November 2020

We're giving babies everything they need to thrive! Like everything need to safely sleep baby, a huge assortment of cotton and wool clothes, re-usable and disposable nappies, health and safety items like thermometers and smoke alarms and much more!

They go to families via organisations like the Women's Refuge, Barnardos, the Salvation Army, Refugee Services and many more!

We have been helping babies since 2009. We work closely with other charities to find those babies that need us the most.

Offshoot Donated Little Sprouts

Other Charities and Organisations we support when we can help out

Offshoot Donates to Auckland Netball

Auckland Netball

Sponsor a child campaign

Offshoot Donates to Special Childrens Christmas Party

NZME's Special Children's Christmas Party

Advertising Sponsorship Support

Offshoot Donates to Start Sport NZ

Start Sport New Zealand

Support Save Win Start Sport NZ 

Offshoot Donates to Cancer Society

Cancer Society - Auckland/Northland

Sponsor a child campaign

Offshoot Donates to Variety Childrens Charity

Variety - The Children's Charity

General Donation

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