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Offshoot Wipes

Offshoot sprouted in 2012 as a family owned and operated business with one initial idea. To provide Consumable Products to the market without unnecessary, long-term contracts and deliver a Customer Experience like no other.

Whilst our initial idea is still part of our day to day operation, Offshoot has embraced the new era of Environmentally Sustainable Business practices.  

Offshoot works with suppliers who provide sustainable products, options and outsourcing from Manufacturers that are environmentally conscious.


This in turn allows for us to provide our customers with products that have Environmental Ticks like ECNZ and FSC, giving them the confidence that when they purchase from us, they are doing right by the country they live and work in, New Zealand.

Offshoot Wipes is a recently added division of Offshoot (NZ) Ltd, who supply Paper, Chemicals, Consumables & Dispensers. Our new mission is to "break free from the norms of usual business trading and provide Environmentally conscious products at competitive pricing in order for our customers to make smarter, more eco-conscious purchasing decisions without compromising their bottom line."

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Offshoot Wipes is a new Division of Offshoot (NZ) Ltd, who supply Paper, Chemicals, Consumables & Dispensers. Offshoot was created in 2012 to fill a gap in the market of unnecessary and frustrating, long-term contracts as opposed to "pay as you go" and "order when you need" consumable requirements. ​ We are still 100% NZ Owned and Operated, and our company Directors and Shareholders are still family members, and part of the daily running of our business. ​ Our Vision when we first started was to "give the best advice and the most cost effective solutions to the NZ market, without compromising Service, Quality or Integrity." We stand by this statement to this day and are proud to have all of our customers on board us. ​ Our new Division of Wipes opens numerous avenues and opportunities for us, but we will continue to serve the market the same way we have always done, without compromise to our key principles and views. ​ ​ ​ Please click below for more information on our Paper & Consumab
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