Biodegradable Trolley & Hand Wipes

The Hand and Hygiene Trolley & Butchery Wipe Dispensing System is the very latest in promoting a safer, healthier Shopping Environment for your customers. Stand out and make the difference with your very own Wet Wipe System matching your business colours.

Trolley Wipes and Surface Wipes are Biodegradable in landfills and kill 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria

Make Your Shop and Brand Stand Out

Set the standard for your store from the first moment a customer walks through your doors

Improve Staff and Customer Satisfaction

Cleaner environments contribute to staff and customer well being and provide a better experience

Increase Customer Loyalty

Create a memorable experience for your staff and customers by creating a cleaner, more hygienic environment

Match Our Dispensers with Your Brand

Choose from a range of dispenser colours to match your brand and customise with your brand logos

Biodegradable Trolley Wipes

Kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria
100% Natural Fibers & Biodegradable
Alcohol Free
Certified safe for Sanitising Hands and Surfaces
Soft on Hands and Equipment
Sanitising protection for up to 30 days

Our antibacterial wipes are tested and approved to European Norms, NZ MPI Regulations and AsureQuality Passed. They are 99.9% effective against killing Germs and Bacteria and are Biodegradable in landfills. One wipe is all you need to disinfect your Hands and Trolley Handles.

Place these dispensers by the Trolley Bay Area of your Supermarket or Airport to promote your customers Safer Shopping and Travel Experience. As an extra measure, place these by the Meat Section or fruit and veg section of your store. The dispensers are highly portable so can be positioned where you need them and at end of each day, placed back inside your business for safe storage.

Suitable for any type of Supermarket, Retail Store and Airport and especially effective on highly contagious surfaces including shopping trolley handles and baby seats.


Our Range of Trolley Wipes

Our most commonly used Trolley, Hand & Surface Wet Wipe for Supermarkets and Retail Stores. This wipe is biodegradable in landfills, safe for families to use and very effective against a wide range of germs and bacteria. Suitable for our Hand & Hygiene Free Standing Dispensers.

Biodegradable TROLLEY, SURFACE & HAND Wipes

Fits Dispensers:

HnH Range 720x720.jpg





30 GSM

3 rolls x 1,000 wipes

Carton Size





Hardware Stores

Local Grocers


Retail Stores

Mini Marts




"Its something that customers talk about alot, are the handles of trolleys clean? ...At Devonport New World, yes they are! This system has proven it and this system is a great system for trolleys handles, people safety and food safety"

John Ashton, New World Devonport, Auckland


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