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​These Dispensers Units can be installed anywhere or choose or Free Standing System giving your company flexibility in placement. Both dispensers can hold up to 300 Grime Wipes. Ideal for situations where water is limited to quickly and effectively clean away the dirt and grime from your hands.

  • Large and tough enough to deal with dirty & greasy hands

  • Very convenient, at your fingertips cleaning solution

  • Removes a wide range of dirt, grime, grease, oil etc.

  • Can be used on hands, power tools & machinery

  • Ideal for Mechanics on the run

  • Dispenses well from packet

  • Doesn’t dry out too quickly

Wipes come in cartons of 4 rolls x 300 wipes per roll

Grime / Industrial Wipes

Wipe Info

  • Carton Size: 4 rolls x 300 wipes per roll

  • Wipe Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm

  • Material: Abrasive Shelag

  • ​Scent: Zesty Orange

  • GSM: 45 GSM

Fluid Type: Impreg 9 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Shipping Information

  • Wipes ship free with a minimum purchase of 2 cartons of Wet Wipes

Ideal for Use In:


  • Mobile Mechanics

  • High Traffic Areas

  • Truck Stations

  • WOF Stations

  • Warehouses

  • Mechanics

  • Factories

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